Diode Toolkit

Solutions for information flow between isolated networks.

Diode Toolkit is a portfolio of products that offer efficient and cost effective solutions to a wide range of scenarios for data transport between isolated systems. All Diode Toolkit products are hardware independent and works with data diodes from any vendor.

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Diode hardware independent

Our diode solutions are compatible with any data diode on the market. For each installation, you can choose the most appropriate diode or let us help you.

Solution oriented

We understand that bridging airgaps is much more than simple file transfer. We focus on your operational needs.

Ready for virtualization

All our products and solutions can be deployed either physically or virtually.

Cost effective

Since we are hardware independent, you can choose the most suitable hardware for your needs. Furthermore, you only have to pay for the protocols and solutions you need.

Your partner in bridging airgaps

In addition to our products, we are happy to help you design, implement and deploy complete solutions to bridge your airgaps.