Secure Print

Traditional printing solutions where the user sends their print jobs to the printers are vulnerable. The printer itself can be used to attack your IT-system since today’s printer are known to be vulnerable to attacks. Also, with a traditional print solution the users are still at their workplace when the printing starts. This can lead to loss of confidentiality and unnecessary printing. Our Secure Print handles these challenges by combining the benefits of traditional pull print with added security with strong authentication based on smart cards and unidirectional data flow using data diodes.

Printer hardware independent

Printer hardware independent

Works with data diodes

Works with data diodes

Smart cards to proctect print jobs

Smart cards to protect print jobs

Pull print

Pull Print

How it works

Secure Print - How it works

It is simple to print from the user’s desktop in the Secure IT-system as link22 Secure Print appears as a standard Windows printer allowing printing from any print capable application. The printout is encapsulated into a file and encrypted and signed using the user’s smart card before it is forwarded. Secure Print is compatible with link22 Guard allowing for policy enforcement of printing. Once passed the Guard the print job is available for printout from any Release Station after smart card login. The print job is decrypted only when selected for printing and is directly printed to the physical printer attached to the Release Station.


Pull Print

Secure Print is not only secured by smart cards, it also enjoys the traditional benefits of a pull print solution such as;

  • Users pick a printer as they walk, not from their client
  • Decreased print volume
  • Works with any printer
  • Easier printer driver management


Release history

Delivered as Windows MSI packages with documentation.

System requirements
System Requirements
  • Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience.
  • At least one local printer attached and configured in Windows.
  • Connected smart card reader.
  • Standard PC.
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