Secure Transfer Client

The Secure Transfer Client is a software enabling a user to send and receive files from a User Desktop inside a Secure IT-system. It is an integral part of the Secure Transfer solution and has full support for content inspection and policy enforcement.

Smart card aware

Smart card aware

Content inspection aware

Content Inspection aware

Data diode aware

Data Diode aware

How it works

Secure Transfer Client - How it works

Secure Transfer Client is a software that is installed on the User Desktop in the Secure IT-system in either a sending or receiving variant. Files can be sent from and stored to any file storage the user can reach.

Sending a file is simple – drag it to the application windows and select a destination domain. The user’s smart card will be used for signing and encryption of the file prior to transmission. Receiving files is equally simple – once smart card authentication is done any received file will show up in the application as well as a taskbar notification.

Secure Transfer Client fully supports link22 Guard for transfer routing and policy enforcement.



Designed for ease of use with wizard style graphical user interface requiring minimal training. Drag-and-drop is supported. The Secure Transfer Client can be deployed either for sending or receiving.

Sending is done by drag-and-drop into the application windows and selecting a destination – in the example below RED.NET. Pressing Next will continue the transfer wizard.

Receiving a file is simple – a notification is shown and the file appears in the application window and is ready for download to local storage.


Release history

Delivered as Windows MSI packages with documentation.

System Requirements
System Requirements
  • Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience.
  • Connected smart card reader.
  • Standard PC.
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