Protect your Secure IT Systems

The most secure IT systems have high demands for the control of the data flowing in and out. link22 has long experience in developing solutions to protect sensitive data, whether it is national secrets or critical business information.

Diode Toolkit is a portfolio of products and solutions for building business logic to systems separated by any data diode. All products are ready-to-use software appliances that can be deployed on any host – physical or virtual. This means that you can choose data diode and other hardware based on cost, performance and applicable national approvals.


Turn-key ready solutions are available for common scenarios that require additional components.

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Our product Diode:Proxy is the cornerstone in Diode Toolkit offering reliable transfer including retransmission; bandwidth management; heartbeat functionality that detects link errors; integrity verification of transferred data ensuring that you can trust that the data has been transferred correctly and without errors. The list of supported network protocols grows continuously and customers appreciate our powerful file transfer support

link22 Diode:Proxy is a software appliance based on Linux and runs on either physical or virtual hosts. Extensive hardening ensures secure integration in sensitive systems.

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