Secure Print

Secure Print is a turn-key pull-print solution for printing from within a closed system to physical printers in a separate network across a data diode. Users in the closed system prints to a virtual printer from any application supporting printing. When the user logs into a suitable Release Station the printout can be sent to a physical printer. A Release Station supports printing to any USB or network connected printer.

The optional smartcard support enables encryption and signing of data enabling that only the individual initiating the printing may send it to a physical printer. It is possible to extend Secure Print with a zero net enabling content inspection and logging of the print job.

Security relevant log events are generated at both Workstation and Release Station. This solution requires Diode:Proxy and Secure Print applications.

Benefits of using Secure Print

  • Only one print driver is needed on your workstations minimizing need for administration.
  • Printer hardware independent.
  • Authorization of print users.
  • The closed system is not exposed to attacks.
  • Enables inspection of print jobs to meet export control and auditing requirements.
  • Pull printing supporting multiple Release Stations letting you choose any print location and suitable printer.
  • Pull printing ensures user is physically present during printing.