Diode Toolkit provides support for transport of Syslog messages between two domains separated with a data diode. Both TCP and UDP protocols are supported and can be configured to run multiple parallel Syslog streams simultaneously.

The example below shows how log generating equipment sends syslog across a data diode.

The main features are

Unidirectional Syslog forwarding

Diode Toolkit is able to forward Syslog messages from multiple computers to multiple Syslog servers in a different network separated by a data diode.

Syslog redirection

Diode Toolkit is able to redirect Syslog messages to different Syslog servers depending on incoming port. Diode Toolkit can be configured to listen on UDP and TCP streams from multiple source addresses in one domain, then distribute those streams to multiple destination servers using TCP or UDP in a destination domain.


The receiving proxy is able to detect malfunction of both the sending proxy and/or the data diode.


Diode Toolkit is able to cache Syslog messages if the data diode is malfunctioning or if the connection to the destination Syslog server is broken. The cached Syslog messages will be sent when the data diode is no longer malfunctioning or when the connection to the Syslog server has been re-established.