Secure Development

Developing secure systems for managing sensitive data requires strict control of the development environment. This can be controlled import of open data into a closed development network where the confidentiality and integrity of information is crucial.

How it works

Secure Development - How it works

Diode Toolkit will help with:

  • Source code import to a closed system from popular, version control systems.
  • Import of third-party libraries and components.

The example below shows a development environment for a system containing a combination of unclassified source code with third party libraries as well as classified source code developed in a closed development environment. Final build is done in the closed environment.

link22 is using a job scheduler that allows for creating job chains in combination with Diode Proxy to transfer to and from a data diode. The example below utilized jobs chains for replicating unclassified source to the closed system from popular, version control systems. In the closed system the job chains can be extended with content inspection, verification of signatures and virus scanning.

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