Secure Transfer

Secure Transfer is a fundamental building block when creating a secure IT-system. Secure Transfer adds import, export and transport capabilities using standard off-the-shelf components.

Smart card aware

Build system using COTS

Works with any data diode

Ready for virtualization

How it works

Secure Transfer - How it works

The central part of Secure Transfer is the Guard that performs:

  • Content inspection
  • Transfer routing based on cryptographic metadata
  • PKI-aware authorization of transfers
  • Configuration of transfer routes

All import and exports pass through the Guard that decides if the transfer is allowed based on transfer metadata and contents of transferred data.

Secure Transfer includes clients for:

  • Export to external media from within the Secure IT-system.
  • Import from external media to the user desktop in the Secure IT-system.



Importing is performed from an Import Station running the Secure Import Client software where files can be imported from USB and CD/DVD. The imported files are encrypted and encapsulated in the Secure Data Format based on the user’s smart card before being sent to the Guard for content inspection and transfer approval.

Secure Transfer - Import

Assuming the Guard approves the transfer, it is forwarded, and the user can retrieve it from the User Desktop using the Secure Transfer Client software. The transfer is decrypted, and the user can save it to any suitable location.

See Secure Import Client and Secure Transfer Client for more details.

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