Software Update

Many closed systems require a mechanism for controlled import of software updates like operating system patches and antivirus definition files. Diode Toolkit has prepared solutions for Windows Update (WSUS), Linux repo and McAfee antivirus definition updates. Below is an example for WSUS updates. The solutions for Linux and antivirus updates are similar.

Works with any data diode

Works with any data diode

How it works

The illustration below shows a typical setup for importing Windows updates to a closed network.

Software Update – How it works

WSUS is a technique that provides a software update service for Microsoft products such as Windows Operating Systems and Microsoft Office.

These updates are available on the Internet and by using the Software Update solution these updates can be mirrored to a closed network. This can be accomplished by setting up a WSUS Server on the source as well as the destination network and mirror the WSUS database containing metadata about the downloaded updates. Windows clients in the closed network are configured to fetch updates from the WSUS Import Server.

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